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Registration Changes

Registrants must notify the Department in writing within 30 days of any change which would render the information contained in the application for registration incorrect.

X-Ray Facilities

All x-ray facilities in Nebraska must be registered with the Office of Radiological Health. Regulations require that each facility/person having radiation generating equipment apply for registration of the facility within 30 days following the start of facility operation.  

Steps for registration:

  1. Complete and submit application (NRH-4) with applicable fee (see 180 NAC 18).
  2. Familiarize responsible contact/RSO and staff with registrant requirements (see 180 NAC).
  3. Maintain facility compliance (see applicable Checklist on “X-ray Inspection" page).

The 180 NAC 10-002 requires each registrant to post current copies of the following:

  • 180 NAC 4 Standards for Protection Against Radiation and 180 NAC 10 Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers: Inspections or 180 NAC 21 for a dental facility
  • Current “Certificate of Registration"
  • Operating procedures that apply to activities of the facility
  • Any notice of noncompliance, proposed imposition of civil penalty and response from registrant
  • Form NRH-3, Notice to Employees, or NRH-3D for intraoral and cephalometric dental facilities The Program will issue a "Certificate of Registration" once it determines that the applicant meets the requirement of the regulations and that he or she paid the annual fee. 

Annual Renewal

Each registration expires annually. The facility/person must renew the registration each year to remain compliant.

Services Providers

Any company or individual in the business of installing, servicing, or selling radiation-generating equipment or providing radiation measurements, and/or other services is required to register with the Office of Radiological Health.

Steps for registration:

30 days prior to providing any Services:

  • Submit the NRH- 9 - Application for Registration of Services for Radiation Generating Equipment  
  • Submit the appropriate fee - See 180 NAC 18
  • Submit appropriate training - See 180 NAC 2 & 15, Regulatory Guide 2.1
    •  Note: To be clear, training on specific equipment types does not fulfill Title 180 NAC Chapter 2-005.03 and 15-033. If the topics required by 15-033 were covered in an equipment training class, a detailed syllabus and/or course outline for that class may be required.
  • Submit documentation of 6 months of on-the-job (OTJ) training

Once the NRH-9, fee, and training are received, approved, and processed, a "Certificate of Registration" will be issued.

Annual Renewal

The "Certificate" expires annually on the anniversary of the issue date and should be renewed using the "Annual Renewal" sent to the facility approximately 8 weeks prior to expiration date.