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Protecting occupational safety, public health and safety, and the environment by regulating sources of ionizing radiation


​On October 1, 1966, ​Nebraska signed an agreement with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission giving Nebraska the authority to license and regulate radioactive material users in the State. Through this agreement and the Radiation Control Act (Statutes 71-3501-3520​), the Office of Radiological Health works to ensure the safe use, possession, transfer, and disposal of radioactive materials in the State.

The Office of Radiological Health also conducts routine inspections of facilities possessing x-ray generating equipment and encourages facilities that use x-ray machines to maintain exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). The equipment and facility are reviewed to assure their compliance with Title 180 NAC Nebraska Regulations for "Control of Radiation."  

Emergency Response

The Office of Radiological Health staff are trained to respond to accidents or incidents involving radioactive materials which can include an unexpected radiation release at a nuclear power plant, lost radiographic source, or transportation accident. Staff participate in annual drills and exercises at the nuclear power stations in Nebraska to insure that emergency plans work effectively.   

Radiation Emergency Assistance Phone Numbers:

Program Staff

  • ​Program Manager
    • Becki Harisis (402) 471-0385
  • Radioactive Materials​
    • Bryce Davidson (402) 471-0304
    • Michael Gries (402) 471-0528
    • Bryan Miller (402) 471-6444​
  • X-ray Program
    • Ben Ashman (402) 471-8788
  • General License Inventory, Services for Radiation Generating Equipment and Regulations
    • ​Deb Wilson (402) 471-0560
  • Program Support
    • Vickey Cox (402) 471-0563
    • April Saathoff (402) 471-2079​​

Medical Radiography & Radon

  • For questions about Medical Radiography Licensure:
    • Licensure Unit: (402) 471-2115
  • For questions about Radon:

Office of Radiological Health 
Department of Health & Human Services - Division of Public Health 
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