Radiation Control - Reciprocity

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Initial Application Process

Nebraska grants reciprocal recognition of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or other Agreement State Radioactive Material Licenses - See Regulatory Guide 3.14.

  • Submit three (3) days prior to actual entry into Nebraska:
    • Required information as indicated by the Reciprocity Checklist (See below)
    • Annual reciprocity fee
    • Notification of intent to enter
  • Once the Office of Radiological Health receives and reviews the required information, the information is processed and a reciprocity number is assigned. The applicant is notified as soon as possible of any delinquencies so that corrective action can be taken
  • If all information is approved and annual fee submitted for processing, reciprocity is granted and a Reciprocity Notice is issued.

Reciprocity Checklist

  • Name of company for whom service will be performed
  • Name of individual representing that company
  • Telephone number of that individual
  • Exact location where services will be performed
  • Starting date
  • Duration of service
  • Type of service to be performed
  • Name of individual(s) performing service
  • Documentation of training for individual(s) (authorized users)
  • In-state address of individual(s)
  • Identification of sources of radiation to be used
  • An up-to-date copy of the pertinent specific license
  • A copy of the licensee's operating and emergency procedures
  • A completed copy of the U.S. Citizenship Attestation
      ( Note: Reciprocity cannot be granted without this form being completed annually.)
  • The annual fee for reciprocity:
  • TypeFee
    ​Industrial Radiography​$2,900.00
    Wireline Service Operations$1,200.00
    Mobile Scanning$1,700.00
    Industrial Gauge$750.00
    Gas Chromatograph$750.00
    Waste Disposal (waste receipt/packaging) Broker$1200.00