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Each year the tobacco industry spends billions on marketing and promotion trying to attract customers' attention and gain their loyalty. Retail advertising and promotions increase impulsive purchases and normalize the presences of tobacco products in everyday life. Exposure to tobacco products and price promotions in the retail environment encourage youth to start and discourage current smokers from quitting.

Tobacco industry marketing has also been shown to:

  • Increase cigarette sales
  • Distort youth perceptions about availability, use and popularity of cigarettes
  • Foster positive brand imagery
  • Cue cravings and undermine quit attempts
  • Fuel tobacco-related disparities – especially in low-income or minority populations

It is not a secret—reducing exposure to tobacco advertising and promotions at point-of-sale are effective for counteracting the industry's efforts to attract new, current or recently quit smokers. Across the United States, the increase in point-of-sale marketing has led to an increase in policy development at the state and local level. Some policy examples include:

  • Licensing, zoning and retailer density legislation
  • Product restrictions such as flavoring
  • Advertising restrictions
  • Restricting product placement

Point-of-Sale in NE

See what is happening in the retail environment in Nebraska.

Dive in deeper to point-of-sale data on the Nebraska Counter Tools website.

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