Peer Support - I hold a CPSWS certificate and would like to take the Peer Recovery exam now

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What you need to know

If you currently hold a CPSWS Certificate, you do not need to do any additional training or testing at this time and can continue to work as a peer support specialist.  Upon release of the regulations, you will be given additional instructions on pursuing the CPSS Certification.

However, if you would like to move forward with taking the IC&RC Peer Recovery exam and apply for the CPSS Certification, please review and ensure you have all of the following information to complete the online CPSS Application.

  • Documentation of any peer support training Certificate(s) of Completion including certificates from online training
  • Official documentation of your highest level of education ie. Diploma, transcript, GED
  • A copy of any state certification or license currently held in Nebraska or any other state, if applicable
  • Documentation of any disciplinary action taken against any state issued certification(s) or licensure(s) you may currently or previously have held in Nebraska or in another state.
  • Documentation of any misdemeanor or felony convictions in Nebraska or in another state which must include the following:
      • List the date of conviction(s), county and state in which the conviction occurred and the type of conviction(s). Please include a brief description of the conviction(s) including what the conviction was for, what happened and who was involved.
      • An explanation of the actions the applicant has taken to address the behaviors or actions related to the conviction(s).
      • If the applicant is currently on probation, a letter from the applicant's probation officer addressing the terms and current status of the probation.
  • All applicants are required to complete the Adult and Child Protective Services (APS/CPS) registry and pay the associated fees as outlined on the application  
      • NOTE: Upon completion of the APS/CPS registry check, you will be provided a request/confirmation number that will be a REQUIRED entry on the CPSS Application before you can submit the application to the OCA for approval.
      • If you prefer to complete the Adult and Child Protective Services Registry Check on-line there is a link on the instruction page of the CPSS application itself OR you can complete the Adult and Child Protective Services Registry Check form here:
      • If you prefer to complete the Adult and Child Protective Services Registry Check via paper form please print the form from the Central Registry Forms page and complete according to application instructions. You will need to enter the following number on the application so that the information is than provided to the DBH OCA: 88782218.

Complete the CPSS Application in full including all supporting documentation applicable to you, as specified above.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email your questions to, or call the OCA at (402) 471-7736.