Where do I find a DBH OCA Approved Peer Support Training?

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​​​​​​The State of Nebraska approved Peer Support Core Curriculums and their contact information are listed below. The trainers have submitted curriculum for approval which has been determined to meet the minimum standards for Peer Support Core Curriculum training.

Contact trainers directly for more information and a list of scheduled trainings.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email your questions to DHHS.PeerCertification@nebraska.gov, or call the OCA at (402) 471-7854.

DBH OCA Approved Peer Support Core Curriculums 

Peeriodical Nebraska Peer Support Training
Phone Number
(531) 254-5451
​Approved Trainers

Danielle Smith, CPSS
Sadie Thompson, CPSS
Jenn Nelson, CPSS

Lisa DeCoteau, CPSS

Chris Allende, CPSS

Kjersten Egger, CPSS

Heather Anders, CPSS
Taisa Brumagen, CPSS
Alex Goodier, CPSS​

Community Alliance Peer Support Specialist Training
Phone Number
(402) 341-5128
​Approved Trainers
Dr. Lilchandra Sookram, Ph.D.
Jon Thomsen, CPSS
Joel Schneider

Southeast Community College Peer Support Specialist Training
Phone Number
(402) 437-2746
Approved Trainers
Jodi Freeman, MPA, CPSS
Tricia Kingsley, MSW, CPSS
Sophie Truax, BA, CPSS​