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​​​​​​​​​​Changes to Postpartum Coverage

Nebraska Medicaid is dedicated to providing care and support to mothers and their children across the state. Beginning January 1, 2024, Nebraska Medicaid is providing 12 months of continuous postpartum coverage for mothers who received Medicaid while they were pregnant.

Provider Bulletin 23-36A was published to notify providers of the changes to postpartum coverage and can ​be found online at:

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Nebraska Medicaid is committed to supporting mothers every step of the way throughout their pregnancy journey. To ensure that Nebraskans receive the necessary resources and support as soon as possible, doctors must be notified of pregnancies (when it is first identified). If the pregnant individual is already enrolled in Medicaid, their doctor must inform their health plan. If the pregnant individual is not enrolled in Medicaid and may be eligible, a presumptive eligibility determination can be made or they can contact Nebraska Medicaid to learn more.

Pregnant individuals can contact Nebraska Medicaid in the following ways: 

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When the pregnant individual is enrolled in Medicaid, they will have access to the full range of healthcare services, resources, and supports. We want to help Nebraskans from the beginning of their pregnancy to improve health outcomes for the mother and baby.