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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Community Health Worker (CHW) is an individual who: 
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  • Serves as a liaison/link between public health, health care, behavioral health services, social services and the comm​unity to assist individuals and communities in adopting healthy behaviors;
  • Conducts outreach that promotes and improves individual and community health; and
  • Facilitates access to services, decreases health disparities, and improves the quality and cultural competence of service delivery in Nebraska.

A CHW is a trusted member of, or has good understanding of, the community they serve. They are able to build trusting relationships and are able to link individuals with the systems of care in the communities they serve. A CHW also builds individual and community capacity by increasing health knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of activities such as outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support and advocacy. CHW is an umbrella term used to define other professional titles. 

Reports and Documents​

An Assessment of the Community Health Worker Workforce in Nebraska during COVID-19 (2022)

Urban and Rural Differences in the CHW Workforce in Nebraska (2022)
Developing the CHW Workforce to Promote Maternal and Child Health in NE (2021)

CHW Overview

Statewide Assessment (2020)​

​​CHW Financing and Sustainability (2020)
Workforce Training Study (2019)

The CHW Consultant-Trainer Cadre 

In 2021 the Nebraska Title V Maternal and Child Health Bl​ock Grant program at DHHS formed the CHW Consultant-Trainer Cadre by contracting with eleven experienced Community Health Worker leaders in Nebraska. 

The purpose of the CHW Consultant-Trainer Cadre is to provide leadership in CHW workforce development activities in Nebraska.  The Cadre will:

  • Provide consultation to the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, Title V MCH Block Grant.
  • Create communication, networking, and recognition opportunities for Nebraska CHW, growing the community of CHW.
  • Provide continuing education/professional development to CHW on timely and relevant topics.
  • Contribute to sustainability planning for the CHW workforce in Nebraska.
  • Advocate for the unique and profes​sional role of the CHW contributing to positive health outcomes and equity in the population. 

CHW Continuing Education Project 

See all recorded sessions in the online classroom at Answe​rs 4 Families

Registration to use the classes is required, user key is free​ and contact information is not shared. 

2022 Community Health Worker Awards​

​The Division of Public Health's Community Health Worker Cadre is excited to recognize Community Health Workers and the efforts they have made during the COVID pandemic to help communities and individuals access the care and services they need, providing social support, and advocacy. We accepted nominations for the CHW Champion Award, CHW Outstanding Service Award and CHW Making a Difference Award. Congratulations to the following winners:​

  • Jessica Fagot - CHW Outstanding Service Award
  • ​Samantha Lindstrom - CHW Making A Difference Award
  • MaxCine Jackson - CHW Champion Award
Jessica Fagot receiving award.
Jessica Fagot (Community Health Worker at Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska) & Jessica Seberger (DHHS, Public Health, Program Manager) 
Samantha Lindstrom receiving an award.
Samantha Lindstrom​ (Family Resource Specialist at Nebraska Children's Home Society) & Kelly Salamanca (Community Health Worker Cadre Member
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Kelly Salamanca (Community Health Worker Cadre Member), MaxCine Jackson (Health Support Specialist at North Omaha Area Health), Jessica Seberger (DHHS, Public Health, Program Manager)

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