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"The Power of Inclusion" is a publication highlighting the importance of inclusion and integration in all facets of community life. The publication features some stories from Council members and partners who are demonstrating the power of inclusion.   



The October 2020 Nebraska Needs Assessment Report was funded by the Council to provide guidance and input for the development of the Council's 2022-2026 State Plan Goals and Objectives.

Listed below are products and resources developed through subaward funding provided by the Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities. (All outside links open in a new browser window.)

Intellectual Disability and Dementia: A Caregiver's Resource Guide for Nebraskans

The “Along the Way" series of guides was created to provide information for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, and others.

Lancaster County School Resource Officers Training Final Report 2020

Munroe-Meyer Institute Respite Task Force Final Report 2018

Juvenile Justice Cross-Disability Task Force Final Report 2020

Juvenile Justice Brain Injury and Cognitive Disability Task Force Final Report 2018

The Autistic Women's Network girl's anthology "What Every Autistic Girl Wishes her Parents Knew"

Ready, Set, Go! is a web-based series of materials and resources to assist young adults with developmental disabilities in making decisions about supports as they move from high school to adult life.

"It's All About the Plan" e-learning course designed for people with disabilities and their families. Course modules are designed for four separate audiences to assist them in meaningfully participating in the process of planning for services. This includes educational services for students with disabilities and services for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The modules are self-paced and may be taken either individually or shown in group settings such as classrooms, advocacy groups, or trainings.

Family Supports Project Report 5-14

Use of Restraints and Psychoactive Medications Report 2012

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