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Licenses issued by Nebraska:

Nail Technician:  You must be licensed if you:

  • Attach, shape or adjust artificial nails using acrylic, resin, fabric, or gel application systems
  • Sanitize the nail plate to get ready for artificial nails
  • Cut, file, buff, polish, clean or do other cosmetic services on the nails when done as part of the artificial nail service.
  • Clean, massage or do similar acts on the hands or feet of any person when done as part of the artificial nail service

Nail technology DOES NOT include:

  • Cutting nail plates, corns, or calluses or medical treatment on the feet, hands, or nails
  • Waxing to remove hair

Nail Technology Instructor: Teaches in a nail technology school.

A license is NOT required in Nebraska to provide:

  • Manicuring/pedicuring of the NATURAL nail
  • Retail/wholesale of beauty/nail products  

Applications, Requirements & Fees


Nail Technician:


Temporary License:


Please read the application instructions carefully. They provide more information on the requirements to obtain a license.

Please see the regulations and statutes for complete, detailed requirements for licensure. 

Fee Information

Examination Information

National Examination:

In Nebraska, applicants for an initial license are required to take the NIC written examination which satisfies both written and practical examination requirements (there is NO hands-on practical exam).

PSI will administer the computer-based examination at sites in Nebraska, as well as other locations throughout the United States.

To apply for the examination, you MUST submit to the Department a complete license application.

When the department accepts your application, we will send you an authorization letter advising that you are eligible to take the examination and will provide the PSI phone number and web site address to register.  NOTE: Nebraska requires the test to be administered in English.

For additional information, you may download a Candidate Information Bulletin regarding payment procedures, scheduling process, cancellation policy, examination locations, etc. at

Results:  You will be given same-day results; however, the testing company will send an official score report to the Department. Within 5-10 days from receipt of the official score report, the Department will notify applicants of licensure or denial.

Re-Testing:  Applicants who are not successful in passing the examination may retake the exam using their current Authorization letter until it expires. The applicant will be required to pay the examination fee for the computer-based examination each time the test is taken.

Jurisprudence Examination:

This examination is a free, open-book examination and is 50 multiple-choice questions relating to nail technology.

The jurisprudence examination may be taken as continuing education or as one of the conditions of probation if you were issued a probationary license by this office. The passing score on this examination is 75. Those passing the exam will receive a certificate of completion.

Contact our office for a copy of this examination.

Renewal, Continuing Education & Reinstatement

Renewal Dates and CE Hours

Nail Technician
12/31 of odd-numbered years
8 hours of CE
Instructor: Instructors must complete at least four hours of teaching methodology classes; all eight hours may be obtained through these hours.
12/31 of odd-numbered years
8 hours of CE

Requirements: Please see the regulations and statutes on this page for complete, detailed requirements for licensure.


To reinstate from either inactive or expired status, you must:

  • Meet the continuing education requirement (eight hours) earned within the prior 24 months
  • Submit a complete reinstatement application and renewal/reinstatement fees as listed on the reinstatement application. Hours taken to reinstate your license can also be used to renew your license at the end of that renewal period, so you are not required to have additional hours for renewal. 



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