Youth Treatment & Facility Reports

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​Below you will find various reports and documents unique to each facility.

YRTC-Kearney Youth Handbook.pdfYRTC-Kearney Youth Handbook5/5/2023
YRTC-Kearney Parent Handbook.pdfYRTC-Kearney Parent Handbook5/5/2023
YRTC-Hastings Parent Handbook.pdfYRTC-Hastings Parent Handbook5/5/2023
YRTC-Hastings Youth Handbook.pdfYRTC-Hastings Youth Handbook5/5/2023
YRTC-Lincoln Parent Handbook.pdfYRTC-Lincoln Parent Handbook5/5/2023
YRTC-Lincoln Youth Handbook.pdfYRTC-Lincoln Youth Handbook5/5/2023
YRTC-Hastings PREA Operational Memo.pdfYRTC-Hastings PREA Operational Memo5/5/2023
YRTC-Kearney PREA Operational Memo.pdfYRTC-Kearney PREA Operational Memo5/5/2023
YRTC-Lincoln PREA Operational Memo.pdfYRTC-Lincoln PREA Operational Memo5/5/2023
PRTF-Whitehall Youth & Parent Handbook.pdfPRTF-Whitehall Youth & Parent Handbook5/5/2023
PREA Annual Report 2022.pdfPREA Annual Report 20225/5/2023
YRTC-Kearney PREA Audit Report.pdfYRTC-Kearney PREA Audit Report5/24/2022
YRTC-Hastings PREA Audit Report.pdfYRTC-Hastings PREA Audit Report3/29/2022
YRTC-Lincoln PREA Audit Report.pdfYRTC-Lincoln PREA Audit Report12/2/2021
DHHS OJS Lincoln Facility Parent Handbook.pdfDHHS OJS Lincoln Facility Parent Handbook1/21/2021
YRTC Lincoln Frequently Asked Questions.pdfYRTC Lincoln Frequently Asked Questions2/21/2020
Prison Rape Elimination Act Audit Cover Letter.pdfPrison Rape Elimination Act Audit Cover Letter11/18/2018