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​Vital Records is authorized by Nebraska statutes to evaluate and correct errors to permanently filed birth, death, fetal death, marriage and dissolution of marriage certificates for the statutory filing fee and with proper evidence.

Depending on the type of record, corrections may be requested by the individual, his/her parents, a funeral director, a physician or the next of kin. 


In the instance of an out-of-wedlock birth, Nebraska Revised Statutes 71-640.01 - 71-640.02 permit the parents to add paternity either at the time of birth at the hospital or at Vital Records after the birth.


When biological parents of a child born out-of-wedlock marry, Nebraska Statute 71-628 permits the generation of a new certificate.

Birth registration delayed

Nebraska Revised Statutes 71-617.01 - 71-617.15 state that if a birth certificate is not filed for a Nebraska-born individual within the first year after birth, a request may be made to file a delayed birth registration.

Home births

Nebraska statutes require the registration of all births occurring in Nebraska. For those births that occur at home, staff in the Vital Records office will assist parents in filing the birth certificates upon their request. To request a home birth package, contact the Nebraska Birth Desk Specialist at (402) 471-0907. Your community hospital may also be willing to help you file the birth certificate.

Adoptive birth certificate

For any adopted person born in the State of Nebraska, upon the request of the adoptive parents or the adoptee, a new birth record may be established which includes the adoptive information. The report of adoption or decree of adoption must be submitted along with the statutory filing fee in order to generate an adoptive birth certificate.

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