Title 174 Vital Records

Statutes & Regs

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What you need to know

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Chapter 1          Amended 10/16/2022
Compilation of Information Submitted on Abortion Reporting and Consent Forms

Chapter 2          ​Repealed 06/28/20
(forms) Consent by Biological Parents and Siblings for Release of Information

Chapter 3          Amended 6/14/2023           
Viewing and Release of Vital Records

Chapter 4          Amended 9/28/2022        
Regulations Governing Amendment of Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Records

Chapter 5

Chapter 6          Amended 5/8/2022 
Release of Medical History, Original Birth Certificate, and Relative's Information Following the Adoption of a Nebraska Born Person

Chapter 7          Amended 5/8/2022
Death, Marriage, and Dissolution of Marriage

Chapter 8          Amended 5/8/2022
Report of Induced Abortion, Continuing Pregnancy After Mifepristone, Fetal Death, and Stillbirth

Chapter 9          Amended 05/29/2016
Original and Delayed Birth Certificates

Chapter 10         Repealed 07/27/2020 
Method of Amending Certificates and Reports

Chapters 11-17