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​​​​​It is important for you to keep a record of all immunizations for yourself and your family.​​ A copy of the immunization record should be given to the patient or parents or guardian each time an immunization is received. Each time you or your children visit your health care provider for immunizations, it is important to take your immunization record with you and have it updated. You should provide your primary care provider a copy of your immunization record should you receive immunizations at another facility other than your primary care facility. 

In the event that an immunization record would be come lost or destroyed, there a few ways to retrieve a replacement.

  1. Contact your primary care provider.
  2. Contact the facility where the immunizations were given.
  3. Accessing the Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NESIIS). You will need to enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and social security number. **Please note that providers are NOT required to report immunization except COVID-19 vaccines into NESIIS.​

To access this secure and confidential search engine and search for immunization records that have been entered by your provider, please click the following link: N​ESIIS 

If you are having troubles accessing your immunization records in NESIIS, contact the Nebraska Immunization Program or the NESIIS helpdesk.



Visit the NESIIS Resources​ page for more information. 

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