Birth Dose Hepatitis B Program


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​​​​​​​Each year in the United States, more than 24,000 infants are born to mothers who are chronically infected with the Hepatitis B virus. If these infants are not vaccinated prophylactically at birth, it is estimated that almost 10,000 will become infected chronically with Hepatitis B virus. 2,500 of those infants infected would eventually die of liver failure or liver cancer as early as the second decade of life. 

This birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine is the first step in creating a vaccine safety net that will protect infants from hepatitis B infection and from the development of chronic hepatitis B infection if acquired through contact with an infected mother, household member, or caregiver. 

Guidance for Labor and Delivery, Newborn Units to Prevent Hepatitis B Transmission

Becoming a Hepatitis B Birth Dose Provider

Hospitals can receive Hepatitis B vaccine to offer at no cost to the patient regardless of insurance status. 

To participate in this program, hospitals must ensure proper storage and handling of the vaccine, submit required reports and paperwork, as well as utilizing NESIIS (Nebraska State Immunization Information System) to monitor, report and order vaccine inventory.

For more information regarding becoming a Hepatitis B Birth Dose provider, please contact the Nebraska Immunization Program.