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This page provides information on Heritage Health, Nebraska's Medicaid managed care program that combines the majority of Nebraska's Medicaid services into a single comprehensive system for Nebraska's Medicaid and CHIP members.

Nebraska Medicaid plans to seek new contracts for managed care health p​lans and wants stakeholder feedback

Nebraska Medicaid will be procuring new contracts for its capitated managed care program, Heritage Health, in 2022. At a glance, Medicaid's anticipated schedule for procuring these contracts is as follows:

  • April 2022: Nebraska releases its request for proposals​
  • July 2022: Contracts awarded 

As part of this process, the Medicaid team will be hosting listening sessions across the state in January to hear from members of the community who would like to share their experiences with Medicaid's current managed care plans. This feedback is valuable and will help Medicaid develop its next managed care contracts. More details on times and locations of these listening sessions will be announced in a press release in the coming weeks. 

Posted: November 3, 2021


Open Enrollment

A key principle of Heritage Health is member choice. Members are all given the opportunity to switch to a different health plan during open enrollment, November 1 through December 15.  Copies of the outreach materials are included below and additional information for members can be found on the enrollment webpage: www.neheritagehealth.com

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

If you have questions or concerns about non-emergency medical transportation, please email DHHS.MedicaidNEMT@nebraska.gov.

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