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​​​The Nebraska Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Program works with healthcare facilities, health professionals, and other partners to reduce HAIs in Nebraska.   

HAI Reporting and NHSN Validation

The Nebraska HAI Program:

  • Validates NHSN reporting from facilities
  • Mentors infection preventionists about NHSN reporting
  • Collaborates to create solutions to reduce higher rates of HAIs
  • Holds quarterly calls with infection preventionists around the state
  • “Ask an IP"

Outbreak Detection and Management

The Nebraska HAI Program:

  • Manages registry of antibiotic data to detect new resistant organisms and identify clusters
  • Works with the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory to determine when to refer specimens for testing and to confirm new resistance mechanisms
  • Advises local health departments on identification and management of HAI outbreaks
  • Advises healthcare facilities on how to report CREs and what to do about colonization testing around a patient with CP-CRE.
  • Has developed an Inter-facility Infection Control Transfer Form for use when patients with C.difficile or highly resistant organisms are moved from one facility to another.

Antibiotic Stewardship

Nebraska DHHS supports antibiotic stewardship to decrease antimicrobial resistance by encouraging the correct use of antibiotics.

Antimicrobial Resistance

See the antimicrobial resistance page to find health care provider information on disease reporting, emerging resistant organisms, and carbapenem-resistant organisms. For information on Clostridium difficile infections and prevention strategies, visit the C. Diff Page.

Infection Control Assessment and Promotion Program (ICAP)

ICAP provides voluntary confidential assessments and guidance to improve infection control at healthcare facilities in Nebraska. Based at Nebraska Medicine, ICAP receives funds from a grant from the CDC.​

Additional HAI Program Partners

Nebraska's HAI Program coordinates and HAI Advisory Council that meets quarterly with stakeholders. The program also works together with the organizations below:

Additional Resources for Healthcare Professionals