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​​​​​ Scheduled Downtime for HTTP/S Connectivity

  • September 23, 2023
  • September 24, 2023

Unexpected/emergency downtime notifications will be sent via trading partner alert.  All trading partner alerts will be e-mailed from the EDI help desk to the trading partner's primary contact.

HTTP/S Overview

Nebraska Medicaid exchanges electronic administrative data in compliance with the CORE rules.​

Nebraska Medicaid offers real-time and batch processing for both 270/271 eligibility status and 276/277 health claim status transactions, as well as batch processing of the 835 health care claim payment/remittance advice transaction via HTTP/S connectivity.

  • Real-time responses for individual requests are compliant with CORE Rules 155 & 156.
  • Trading partners will have the option to submit the 270/271 and/or 276/277 batch transaction(s) through HTTPS, as well as the current SFTP connectivity methods.
  • Proprietary reports such as the refund report will not be available via HTTP/S.  When requesting HTTP/S connectivity for the 835 transaction, trading partners will be (or will remain) enrolled for the 835 via SFTP in order to access the necessary proprietary reports.