Claims Portal FAQ


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What you need to know


What do I need in order to submit and manage my claims online?

1. A computer, tablet, or mobile device (i.e. smartphone, iPad, Kindle Fire) with a supported internet browser.
2. A supported internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari).
3. Your Organization ID and PIN, provided in the registration letter from DHHS.

What internet browsers are supported?

To utilize the claims portal, use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.6 or greater, or Apple Safari (Google Chrome is not supported).

What is the URL/web address for the online claims portal?

The portal can be opened by clicking the Claims Portal link in the Claims Toolbox. The URL for the portal is:

If a new provider has been approved with the Department of Health and Human Services, will they receive a PIN?

Yes, a registration letter containing their Organization ID and PIN will be mailed.

Are my PIN and Password the same?

No. Your PIN is a numeric code used to tie your organization to your online user account. The password is created by you when the account is established. The system password requirements do not allow the PIN to be used as a password. Login passwords can be reset by the end user. Contact the RD Staff at your local office to have the PIN reset.

How do I reset my password?

Click the Reset Password link on the Login page. You will be required to enter your username. Then, you must answer the three security questions established when the account was created. After successfully answering the security questions, you can create a new password.

Are the security questions case sensitive?

No. If the answer to a security question is "Lincoln", it can be entered as "lincoln".

I do not know/I cannot remember the answers to my security questions. How can I reset my password or change account information?

DHHS Support does not have access to view or change the security question responses. If you are unable to answer the questions, and cannot access the site, you can create a new user account. When creating a new account, be sure to use the same email address.

I need to create a new user account; can I use the same email address again?

Yes, you can use the same email address when creating a new account. When you create the account, you will receive a message stating "The email address you have entered is already registered with at least one other account, would you like to have the other usernames associated with this address sent to your email account?". Click Yes to receive an email containing all of the usernames associated with your email address. Click No to not have the email sent.

I need to create a new user account; can I use the same username again?

No, usernames must be unique within the system. Old or inactive usernames cannot be reused.

What if a client's name is not showing on my on-line claims?

Contact RD Staff at Local Office. If unsure who your RD Worker is, please call the Customer Service Center at (800) 383-4278.

I manually completed a blank form. Where do I mail it?

Paper forms should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509

How do I submit a claim?

Each claim is submitted individually. This is done by filling out claim, agreeing to terms and conditions, and selecting "submit". NOTE: Once submitted, a claim cannot be edited.

What happens when I submit a claim?

Submitted claims go into the Submitted Claims section where they can be viewed and/or printed.

How do I view and/or print a submitted claim?

Click on the View Submitted Claims link. Click the View button next to the desired claim. The claim will open in a new window. Click the Print button to print the claim form.

How do I know if a claim has been paid?

If a claim has been paid, you will find payment information under the EOP (Explanation of Payment) section. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for payment to be processed.

What happens when I remove a claim?

If you remove a claim, the claim will be removed from future search results. The removed claim will remain available on the portal 6 months after the claim date.

I cannot locate my Organization ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). What do I do?

Contact the RD Staff at your local office to have the PIN reset. If you are unsure who your RD Worker is, please call the Customer Service Center at (800) 383-4278 for assistance. A new registration letter containing a new PIN will be generated and mailed to you within 2 to 3 business days.

Does my account lock after failed login attempts?

Your account will be locked after five failed log in attempts. Once your account is locked, you will need to wait 30 minutes before attempting to log in again.

I am receiving the message "Invalid User ID or Password. Check Your Credentials Try Again."

There are several things to try:
1. Ensure the username and password are both typed correctly. Both are case sensitive, so be sure your Caps Lock is not turned on.
2. Reset your password.
3. Your account may be locked due to multiple failed logon attempts. Wait 30 minutes and try to log in again.
4. If you receive this message after multiple password resets, create a new user account.

I am receiving the message "No documents are available as you do not belong to any reading groups."

Type the following address in your browser window: It is essential to have the complete address, otherwise you will experience issues getting into the site.

Inside the Site

I process the billings/claims for multiple organizations; can I access all of them through the same user account?

Yes, you can add multiple organizations to the same user account. Within the site, click the Manage Orgs link to enter the Org ID and PIN (provided in the registration letter).

How do I view claim documents for multiple organizations?

First, ensure the additional organization(s) have been added to your user account. Once added, you can switch between organizations by selecting the desired organization from the drop-down box at the top of each page.

Why am I not receiving my Explanation of Payment (EOP) forms in the mail.

Once a provider registers online, all claims documents (claims and EOPs) are available online. Paper claims and EOPs will not be mailed.

Other Questions

What is the phone number for technical support?

Technical Support is available by calling (888) 281-6629 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Central Daylight Time).

How do I get information on Direct Deposit?

Go to the website to get the form/information for direct deposit.

I did not receive a letter about the option of submitting my claims online. What do I do?

You should contact your RD Worker and a letter will be generated and mailed to you explaining this option.

How do I change the email address associated with my account.

Go to Update User Account Information. You can change your preferences here. NOTE: if you are using your previous email address as your username, you will want to consider creating a new account.

I am unable to open my EOP (Explanation of Payment). ​What should I do?

Turn off popup blocker and make sure you have the current version of adobe reader.