Central Registry Applicant

Children and Family Services

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What you need to know

Follow the steps below to complete your Central Registry background check on the portal. ​


Print off a more detailed step by step Guide to Completing a Central Registry Background Check

Step 1. Portal Entry

  • For Central Registry check results to be sent to a Business or Organization, you must start from a link provided by the Business or Organization.
  • Starting a Self-Check on the Central Registry portal ensures results will be available only to you. You can begin your self-check by going directly to the portal and clicking New Self Check Request.

Step 2. Begin Check

  • List an email address and determine a PIN for the Central Registry check
    • After adding your PIN you will receive an email with your Request Number.
    • Record the Request Number and use it with your PIN to return to the check, or to view the status and obtain results.

Step 3. Enter Information

  • Enter all information required for the Check Request
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Current Address & Phone Number
    • Other Names such as Maiden Names or Nicknames
    • Names of children who have lived with you
    • Previous addresses (Minimum city and state is required; list as far back as you can remember)
  • You may determine which Registry(ies) are to be checked:
    • Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry
    • Adult Abuse and Neglect Central Registry
    • DHHS Recommends selecting both

Step 4. Verifying Your Identity

  • One of two options is required in order to verify you are who you say you are:
    • Online Identity Verification (a series of questions you would only know the answer to)
    • Upload a Notarized Signature
  • If you are 18 years old or younger, you cannot use the online ID verification and must print the notary form and have your parent or guardian sign it.

Step 5. Submit Payment

  • Fees for Central Registry Checks may be covered by your Business or Organization, and if not you will be prompted to enter a payment. The list of fees include:
    • DHHS fee ($2.50)
    • Online Identity Verification fee: $1.00 (if applicable)
    • Online payment processing fee: $1.50
  • All fees payable by Credit/Debit Card or ACH/Electronic Check

Step 6. Complete Identity Verification

  • Online Identity Verification: Correctly answer a number of quiz questions based on the information you provide.
    • If you do not answer correctly or in the time given (5 min), a Notarized Signature will be required.
  • Upload a Notarized Signature: Print and sign the Notary Form provided, have the signature notarized by a Notary Public, then return to the portal and upload a copy of the notarized document to your Check Request using your Request Number and PIN.

Step 7. Submit

Processing time for a Check Request may take up to two weeks

Step 8. View the Response

  • From the Portal, click Continue Check Request/View Results
  • Enter your Request Number and PIN to gain access to your check
  • Review the status and/or results of your check
    • Results are available to save or print as a PDF
    • Your Business or Organization will automatically receive a copy of the results as well.