CFS Review Assessment

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What you need to know

​The primary purpose of the statewide assessment is for states to evaluate their child welfare and juvenile services systems.

What does the assessment do?

  • The assessment ensures that Federal funds are spent correctly;
  • It links reviews to the joint planning, technical assistance, and program improvement processes that exist between states and regional offices;
  • It assists states to become self-evaluating over time;
  • It assembles data that will inform national policy; and
  • It provides timely and specific feedback to states that is directly related to program performance and outcomes.

Who completes the assessment?

The assessment is done by the CFSR team and those members include:

  • Foster Care Review Board
  • Voices of Children
  • Nebraska Department of Education
  • Commission for the Protection of Children
  • Court Improvement Project
  • Nebraska DHHS Division of Children and Family Services
  • Nebraska DHHS Youth Rehabiliation and Treatment Centers
  • University of Nebraska Public Policy Center
  • Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
  • Nebraska Juvenile Court Judges Association
  • Tribal Representatives 
  • Federation of Families
  • Nebraska Children and Family Foundation     
  • Nebraska Association of Homes and Services for Children
  • Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations
  • Foster Family Treatment Association
  • Children & Family Coalition of Nebraska     


What does the assessment evaluate?


  • Safety
  • Permanency
  • Well-Being

Other Factors:

  • Statewide Information System
  • Case Review System
  • Quality Assurance System
  • Staff Training
  • Service Array
  • Agency Responsiveness to the Community
  • Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruitment, Licensing, and Retention