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Any person working on a radon project or in a radon occupation in Nebraska must obtain a license.

A radon occupation means a measurement specialist or mitigation specialist.  License means an authorization issued by the Department permitting an individual to work in a radon occupation.

A radon business means a measurement business or mitigation business. License means an authorization issued by the Department permitting a business to perform work in the industry.

Initial Applications, Requirements & Fees


To qualify for a license in a radon occupation in Nebraska you must:

  1. Complete training for radon measurement or mitigation, approved by the Department, within four years prior to application.
  2. Complete examination approved by the Department for measurement or mitigation.
  3. Mitigation specialist applicants must possess any combination of two years of relevant post-secondary education or relevant work experience.

Renewal Information, Continuing Education & Reinstatement

All radon licenses expire March 31st of each odd numbered year.

To renew a license, submit the following: 

  • Renewal Notice
  • Renewal Fee
  • Attest to completing continuing education

A renewal notice will be mailed by the Department to your last known address at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your license. Note: The Licensure Unit no longer mails wallet-size licenses. To view your license status and to view or print a license at no charge, please visit the License Lookup site.

Once you are licensed, you must successfully complete an approved review course in order to renew your license.

For information on approved courses, contact DHHS.HealthHazardsIndoorAir@nebraska.gov by e-mail or call (402) 471-0386.


An application for reinstatement to practice a radon occupation is required if your license has been revoked, expired, placed on inactive status, lapsed or voluntarily surrendered without disciplinary action.

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Office of Rehabilitation & Community Services
Department of Health & Human Services/Division of Public Health/Licensure Unit
Licensing Phone Number
(402) 471-2299
Radon Program Phone Number
(402) 471-0386
Fax Number
(402) 742-1152
Mailing and Physical Addresses

DHHS Licensure Unit

Attn: Radon Licensing

PO Box 94986

Lincoln NE 68509-4986


Nebraska State Office Building

301 Centennial Mall South, 3rd Floor
14th & M Streets

Lincoln NE 68508

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed federal holidays.