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Guidance: Health Care Workforce Executive Orders Expired June 30, 2023

Executive Orders pertaining to Health Care Workforce expired on June 30, 2023. Click here for more information. ​

Types of licenses issued in Nebraska:

  • Nursing Home Administrator: An individual who is responsible for the operation of a nursing home.
  • Provisional License: A person otherwise not qualified for licensure as a nursing home administrator who is selected to serve as the administrator in order to maintain daily operations.
  • Nursing Home Administrator Responsible/Overseeing More Than 1 Facility or the Dual Role of Administrator and Department Head:
    An Administrator may be responsible for and oversee the operation of up to three licensed facilities or may act in the dual role of administrator and department head (but not in the dual role of administrator and director of nursing).
  • Nursing Home Administrator of a Facility Caring Primarily for Persons with Head Injuries and Associated Disorders: An individual who will function as the administrator of a facility caring primarily for persons with head injuries and associated disorders.
  • Mentoring/Administrator in Training (AIT):  A person who is training to become a nursing home administrator and is supervised in a Nebraska nursing home by a certified preceptor.
  • Certified Preceptor:  A person who is currently licensed by the State of Nebraska as a nursing home administrator and is approved by the department to supervise a person in a mentoring or AIT program.


Applications, Requirements & Fees


Administrator-In-Training/Mentoring Applications:

Nursing Home Administrator Applications:


Please read the application instructions carefully. They provide more information on the requirements to obtain a license.

Please see the regulations and statutes for detailed requirements for an initial Nursing Home Administrator license.


Examination Information

National Examination: 
In Nebraska, applicants for an initial license are required to take the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Nursing Home Administration written examination (NAB). Nebraska does not require a state examination.

You MUST apply for the examination on the NAB website at:

Results: You will be given same-day results. The Licensure Unit will send the detailed score report to applicants within approximately 10 days.

Re-Testing: Those who fail may retake the exam by applying to the NAB. The applicant must pay the examination fee for the computer-based exam each time the test is taken.

Renewal, Continuing Education & Reinstatement

Renewal Dates and CE Hours

Nursing Home Administrator
12/31 of even-numbered years
50 hours of CE
12/31 every four years from date of issue (even-numbered years)
8 hours of CE

Supervising and AIT/Mentor: If a preceptor supervises an AIT/Mentor during the renewal period, the preceptor will be granted eight hours of preceptor CE for supervising one AIT/Mentor and a total of 16 hours for supervising 2 AITs/Mentors during the four-year renewal period. These hours may also be included in the required CE hours to renew the NHA license.

If a preceptor does not supervise an AIT/Mentor during the four-year renewal period, in order to maintain an active preceptor certification the preceptor must complete a board-approved preceptor training program.

The board does not approve CE programs for nursing home administers.

CE and Carry-Over Hours: A licensee may carry over up to 25 hours earned beyond the 50 hours for the next renewal period. No more than the total number of approved hours offered in Nebraska will be required during this period. Hours are defined as:

  • Academic Credit: A maximum of 25 hours of continuing education credit per a biennial renewal period may be obtained through academic credit; continuing education obtained through academic credit is calculated as follows:
    a. One semester hour of academic credit equals 5 continuing education credit hours; and
    b. A quarter hour of academic credit equals 3 continuing education credit hours;
  • Home Study: A maximum of 25 hours of continuing education credit per a biennial renewal period may be obtained through home study programs.
  • Continuing Education Programs: 60 minutes of participation equals one continuing education hour/credit. 


To reinstate from either inactive or expired status, you must:

  • Meet the continuing education requirement (50 hours)
  • Submit a complete reinstatement application and renewal/reinstatement fees as listed on the reinstatement application. Hours taken to reinstate your license can also be count in renewing your license at the end of that renewal period. 



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