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The Young Adult Citizen Review Panel consists of sixteen to twenty-six year-olds with lived experience in Nebraska's child welfare, juvenile justice and/or homeless systems. Members have experienced a variety of placements, services, permanency objectives and, in some cases, multiple state systems. Using their expertise and experience and their peers, they provide annual recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services to improve the agency's policies and procedures.

The Young Adult Citizen Review Panel is directed by the NCFF Bylaws.


The Young Adult CRP is open to youth with experience in child welfare, juvenile justice, youth homelessness, or related systems. CRP members are involved in local youth leadership, youth-serving programs, and peer groups with other alumni or current participants of the child welfare system. Current members select new members twice a year in March and September to serve year-long terms. If a member remains in good standing through attendance and involvement, they are eligible to renew membership for another year. A list of the current members can be found in the annual report. 

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DHHS Response to Recommendations

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