Rural Health Recruitment and Retention

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​​​​​​The focus of recruitment and retention assistance is on rural and urban under-served areas in Nebraska. There are a number of programs which are available to assist communities and candidates to make a job opportunity match.

Communities may request that a job opportunity be listed on a web page for candidates to review. Candidates may then view these opportunities on the web page and contact the individual at the local community/clinic. The Office of Rural Health staff is available to provide information to both the recruiting community and the candidates.

The Office of Rural Health staff will provide assistance with a variety of questions you may have regarding the recruitment and retention process. We will provide technical assistance by phone and community workshops upon request. A recruitment and retention manual is also available.


Nebraska Dental Practice Opportunities
Nebraska Behavioral Health Training Opportunities
Rural Recruitment and Retention Network
Nebraska Family Practice Training Programs
UNMC Allied Health Training Programs
National Health Service Corps
UNMC Physician Assistant Training Program
Union College Physician Assistant Training Program
UNMC Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Training Programs

Research Paper

Analyzing the Impact of Incentive Programs on Retention of Family Practice Providers in Rural Nebraska

Please contact Heidi Peirce, Statewide Recruitment Coordinator at the Office of Rural Health for your recruitment and retention assistance needs,​, (402) 471-0148.