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Attention Media

The QueryVault media request application is under maintenace and currently unavailable. Please submit all media requests to

Public Records Requests

All public records or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests should be sent to the DHHS Public Records Office at  Per state statute, any requests for data not on the Department's public domain are to be submitted via public records request.

Communications Director

Khalilah LeGrand
Khalilah A. LeGrand, Ed.D.
(402) 471-9313

Supervises and directs Department media, legislative, Helpline, public information and promotion activities, and public health emergency response.

Public Information Officers

Deputy Director
Olga Dack
(402) 471-9356
Public Health PIO

Julie Naughton
Public Information Officer
(402) 471 -1695
Behavioral Health, Public Health Emergency Response

Garret Swanson
Public Information Officer
(402) 471-8287
Children and Family Services

Jeffrey Powell
Public Information Officer 
Developmental Disabilities

Barb Tyler
Public Information Officer
(402) 471-3486
Medicaid & Long Term Care

Sam Sullivan
Communications Specialist
(402) 471-6585
PR Campaigns and Social Marketing Lead

Production, Advocate, Webmaster

Administrative Manager

Graphic Design Unit Supervisor, Video Productions Lead, Emergency Response Lead, Photography, Technical Support (Security Manager, PowerPoint, Projectors, etc.)

Greg Votava
(402) 471-4612
Webmaster - Public and Employee Websites

Diana Duran
Assistant Webmaster / Advocate
(402) 471-6035

Legislative Services

Andrea Lowe
Andrea Lowe
Legislative Services Administrator
(402) 471-1626


Bryson Bartels
Legislative Coordinator
(402) 471-0541

Sarah Skirry
Legislative Coordinator
(402) 471-0540


Communications & Legislative Services
Department of Health & Human Services
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