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​​​​​​​Information for Healthcare Providers

It is crucial for healthcare providers to stay up-to-date on influenza and other respiratory disease information in order to slow the spread of the disease and help protect the public from infection. In order to assist with these efforts, DHHS publishes a weekly influenza and other respiratory disease surveillance report that displays information such as case rates, demographics, and number of outbreaks and deaths for current and past influenza seasons. DHHS also releases important information and updates about public health situations to practitioners, clinicians, and laboratories through Nebraska's Health Alert Network (HAN). HAN's pertaining to influenza and other respiratory diseases typically come out at the start of every influenza season, at the beginning of summer to discuss swine flu, and any other time it is deemed necessary to send an update or important information to healthcare providers.

Other Resources for Healthcare Providers:

History of Flu Vaccine & Circulating Strains: The history of components of the influenza vaccine and corresponding strains of influenza in circulation.

CDC FluView : CDC's weekly report on influenza surveillance.

WHO FluNet: WHO's surveillance based tool on tracking influenza globally 

Antiviral Medications : CDC's summary for clinicians on their use for influenza.

Waiting Area Prevention Poster: Flu prevention poster to display in medical waiting areas

Differential Diagnosis for a Respiratory Disease Outbreak: Demographic and Epidemiologic Data

Differential Diagnosis for a Respiratory Disease Outbreak: Risk Factors for Disease

Differential Diagnosis for a Respiratory Disease Outbreak: Clinical Information

Conjunctival Swab Collection Guidance:​ Instructions for clinicians​

Information for Laboratories

DHHS works hand in hand with laboratories to help conduct testing of influenza and other respiratory disease specimens. In order to help make this process as smooth as possible, we use the NUlirt system to order tests and then have those sent to the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory for testing. In order to help with this process, please refer to Influenza Surveillance Collection and Transport Requirements to walk you through collecting and shipping the specimen and NUlirt Guidance to show you how to order the test.

Other Resources for Laboratories:

Influenza Specimen Collection: CDC's visual guide detailing how to collect, store, and ship influenza specimens

Nasopharyngeal Specimens with a Swab Technique Procedure​: video from UNMC showing the correct procedure on how to collect a nasopharyngeal swab

Clinical Description & Lab Diagnosis of Influenza (CDC)CDC's guidance for clinicians on Influenza testing

Nebraska Influenza Surveillance 2022-2023 Presentation: View the recording of the presentation on Nebraska's influenza surveillance systems​