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​​​Nebraska Early Dental Health Starter Kit Educational Program

Scan to see the intro video.
Scan to see the intro video!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry now recommends that children visit their dentist no later than their first birthday. Proper oral hygiene habits should begin soon after birth by cleaning the infant's gums with a wet gauze pad right after feedings. Baby teeth can be brushed as soon as they erupt with special hygiene aids and the use of fluoridated toothpaste. As the child grows and more teeth come in, different sized toothbrushes can be used. It is very important to start the routinue of cleaning teeth for two minutes twice a day…every day!

These Starter Kits are part of a state-wide educational campaign that will partner the UNMC College of Dentistry, the Nebraska Community Foundation and the DHHS Office of Oral Health. The kits are designed for use by rural local health departments to distribute to Birthing Hospitals, Early Head Starts, WIC Centers, Foster Child Sites, Sixpence, Day Cares, Head Starts, Home Visiting Programs and other needed locations. The kits can be demonstrated to parents or caregivers so they can understand that proper oral hygiene is very important for children age 0-6 and that most dental disease can be prevented. The kits come with instruction cards that explain how and at what age each item should be used. The card also emphasizes the need to establish a medical-dental home by age one. 

Read the full introductory letter from Dr. Charles F. Craft, Nebraska State Dental Director​

Download the Starter Kit Card / En español​

Contents of the Starter Kit
Contents of the Starter Kit

Kids and Parents

Here are some fun coloring activities from the American Dental Association to help you learn about healthy mouths.

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Partners, Professionals and Schools

To assist Nebraska communities in promoting oral health and preventing dental disease, the following array of resources are available.  If you live in Nebraska please print the items below for your use.

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