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What you need to know

Vaccination will play a critical role in protecting Nebraskans against COVID-19 as well as slowing the spread of the virus. DHHS, local health departments and other partners are planning for the arrival of COVID-19 vaccine in Nebraska. DHHS has worked to ensure that inclusion, transparency, and a sound evidence base are the foundation of Nebraska's COVID-19 vaccination plan. 

The goal is to ensure fair and equitable access, and to distribute the vaccine in a way that provides the most protection for Nebraskans as quickly as possible. There are many unknowns that still remain in planning for vaccine distribution, making this plan a living document that will be revised as new information is available.

State of Nebraska COVID-19 Vaccination Plan
UPDATED: 2/22/2021

Vaccine Information For Health Care Providers

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    Finish Strong Nebraska

    Finish Strong Nebraska is the state's official COVID-19 vaccination campaign and supports the state's efforts to end the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in order to return to normal.

    You can also register for the COVID-19 vaccine from the Finish Strong page.


    Facebook LIVE Series - Addressing DHHS Vaccination Plans

    In the latest of this scheduled series of Facebook Live sessions addressing COVID-19 vaccination topics, DHHS CEO Dannette R. Smith discusses​ COVID-19's potential impact on the health of pregnant women with Dr. Emily Patel, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Methodist Women's Hospital.​

    At the end, this video will continue into a playlist showing previous sessions in the series.


    CDC Vaccine Equity Event: Spotlight on Community-Based Organizations

    This webinar introduces the new program, Partnering for Vaccine Equity, which supports national, medical, non-profit, academic, faith-based, and community-based organizations in their work to increase vaccine confidence and vaccine uptake.

    Subtitles and transcripts are available in English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

    The recording and more information is also available on the Partnering for Vaccine Equity program website.



    V-safe Smartphone Tool

    Use your smartphone to tell CDC about any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. You'll also get reminders if you need a second vaccine dose.

    V-safe Poster

    Spanish / Arabic / Chinese / Karen / Vietnamese

    V-safe Infomation Sheet

    Spanish / Arabic / Chinese / Karen / Vietnamese

    Learn More & Register


    How CDC is Making COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations

    COVID-19 vaccines will be an important tool to help stop this pandemic. CDC's Dr. Cohn explains how the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, an independent group of experts, develops recommendations and advises CDC on the use of vaccines in our country and the process for making recommendations on COVID-19 vaccines.


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