Civil Money Penalty Emergency Payments

Medicaid & Long-Term Care

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​​​Emergency Fund Payment Program Overview

The Emergency Fund Payment Program (EFPP) is a part of the Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Program and is intended to provide emergency financial assistance as defined below:

  • Provide financial assistance to Medicaid/dually-certified nursing facilities in the event of facility closure (voluntary/involuntary) to ensure for adequate care, safety, and discharge/relocation of residents
  • Loss of resident property in the event of a qualifying disaster

A qualifying disaster is defined as any of the following events:

  • Flood
  • Fire/explosion
  • Tornado
  • Other storm damage (i.e. wind, hail, lightning)

In addition to meeting disaster criteria, EFPP payments for resident property are only available when:

  • Nursing facility/other applicable insurance policy(ies) does not cover the resident property loss; or
  • Nursing facility's or other applicable insurance policy(ies) does not cover the entirety of the resident property lost

How to apply

The following items are required to be submitted for review:

  • EFPP request for assistance with concise explanation of the reason(s) for the financial assistance request (must include one of the reasons cited above);
  • Nursing facility/other applicable insurance policy documentation that shows denial of coverage and/or underinsured coverage for qualifying disaster defined above;

EFPP financial assistance requests and documents may be sent via email to any of the following for review:


DHHS must maintain a reserve CMP fund in the event of a qualifying emergency.  DHHS cannot guarantee payment in all qualifying cases.