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Kevin Bagley, Director
Kevin Bagley, Director,
Medicaid & Long-Term Care

Kevin Bagley's extensive expertise in Medicaid operations is especially valuable as Nebraska enhances the Heritage Health Adult Plan and continuously improves customer service.

Kevin has worked for the Utah Division of Medicaid since 2011 and is was recently the Director of Long-Term Services and Supports in the division. In that role, he has collaborated with community stakeholders, federal, state, and local government agencies; provider associations; health plans; and other community-based organizations to assess and review rate changes, patient access, utilization patterns, clinical standards, provider participation criteria, and consumer and provider satisfaction.

Additionally, Bagley has also worked with key stakeholders in the Utah Legislature, provider networks and consumer advocacy groups to design and implement new strategic programs within Utah Medicaid, including the Medically Complex Children's Waiver, the Medicaid Autism Benefit, and Medicaid Housing Coordination.

Bagley began his Utah Division of Medicaid tenure as an actuarial specialist, subsequently becoming a process implementation manager, and then assistant director of authorizations before assuming his current role.

Bagley holds a Masters of Business Administration from Utah State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brigham Young University.

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