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​​​​​​The BRFSS questionnaire has three parts:

  1. Core sections, set by the CDC and asked by all U.S. States and Territories
  2. Optional Modules, set by the CDC, chosen by Nebraska
  3. State-added Questions, other modules chosen by Nebraska

Each state uses a standardized core questionnaire, where some core questions are asked every year (fixed core) and others are asked every other year (rotating core).  BRFSS also has included space for as many as four emerging core questions for high-priority topics such as vaccine shortage, and influenza-like illness.  All states must ask all core questions.  Each state then has the option to include more questions on the questionnaire by adding optional modules (questions that CDC makes available for states to choose as part of their questionnaire) or state-added questions (questions that are not part of the CDC questionnaire but states feel are important and choose to ask). In Nebraska, a variety of optional module and state-added questions are asked each year.  These questions are selected based on the interests and needs of state programs and external public health stakeholders.

View the Nebraska BRFSS Questionnaires for years 2011-2022

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