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​​​​​Information here is for pharmacies located outside of the state of Nebraska, also known as nonresident pharmacy or out-of-state pharmacy.

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Any person operating a mail service pharmacy outside of the state of Nebraska shall obtain a mail service pharmacy license prior to shipping, mailing, or in any manner delivering dispensed prescription drugs, as defined in section 38-2841, into the state of Nebraska. A mail service pharmacy license is only issued to the premises and persons named in the application. It cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone not named in the application. If the property is sold or moved, the license is terminated. The new owners must apply for a new pharmacy license.​ This information does not apply to prescription drugs mailed, shipped, or otherwise delivered by a pharmaceutical company to a laboratory for the purpose of conducting clinical research.

Renewal Information

All mail service pharmacy licenses​ expire annually on July 1. To renew, submit a completed application provided by the Licensure Unit and provide documentation that the pharmacy continues to meet the requirements of 172 NAC 130-003.

Closing Information

If the facility no longer wishes to maintain an active Nebraska mail service pharmacy license (due to permanent closing of the facility, cessation of shipping and/or delivering dispensed prescriptions into Nebraska, failure to meet Nebraska's minimum licensure requirements, etc.), please send a letter stating this. In the letter, include the name and address of the facility, the Nebraska mail service license number, and the effective date of your request to close the license. Also include the Nebraska mail service license card. Send the letter and license card to:

DHHS Division of Public Health
Licensure Unit - Attn: Pharmacy 
PO BOX 94986
Lincoln NE 68509-4986

The Department will then place the license on a lapsed status. The license will remain on a lapsed status until such time that the facility applies for reinstatement of the license. There is no fee for placing the license on a lapsed status.

Controlled Substances Information

Your facility is not required to send in an annual Controlled Substance Inventory to the state of Nebraska.

Parkinson's Drugs

If you send or deliver Parkinson's drugs to patients in the state of Nebraska, please contact Jill Krause at (402) 471-8582 or jill.krause@nebraska.gov.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

If you have questions regarding the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, please contact the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII) at (866) 978-1799 or e-mail PDMP@nehii.org. You may also visit NeHII's website at http://nehii.org.

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DHHS Licensure Unit
Attn: Pharmacy

PO Box 94986
Lincoln NE 68509-4986


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