Nurse Licensing Reinstatement

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Timeframes for reinstating:

  • An individual whose license has expired, lapsed, been placed on inactive status, been voluntarily surrendered for an indefinite period of time, or been suspended or limited for disciplinary reasons may apply for reinstatement at any time.
  • An individual whose license has been voluntarily surrendered for a definite period of time may apply for reinstatement after that period of time has elapsed.
  • An individual whose license has been revoked (for disciplinary reasons) may apply for reinstatement only after a period of two years has passed from the date of revocation.

Persons not eligible for reinstatement: An individual whose license has been permanently voluntarily surrendered.

Reinstatement Process: To reinstate an APRN, LPN or RN license from inactive or expired status you must:

  • Meet the continuing education requirement (same as for renewal)
  • Submit a complete reinstatement application and renewal/reinstatement fees as listed on that application


Reinstatement following discipline: 

Contact Kathy Hoebelheinrich at (402) 471-6443 or email