Nurse Licensing Refresher Course (RN/LPN)

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What you need to know

Applicants who have not practiced nursing for 500 hours within the past five years must complete a Board-approved refresher course. The course must consist of at least:

  • 45 contact hours of theory
  • 30 contact hours of clinical

You will need to obtain a temporary refresher permit for the clinical portion of the refresher course when you have started the didactic/educational portion of the course.


Step 1 - Submit:

  • A completed Application for Reinstatement of a Nursing License (if you have been licensed as a nurse in Nebraska in the past) or the Application for Nursing (if you are an endorsement applicant). Once you start the didactic portion of the refresher course, you should start the application process.
  • Required fee
  • Letter of Enrollment from the school from which you are taking the course

Step 2 - Submit:

  • A letter from the school that states the beginning and ending clinical dates

Step 3 - Submit:

  • A photocopy of your completion certificate provided by the course provider after you have successfully completed the course

Click here for a list of programs offering refresher courses.

If you have questions, contact:

Jacci Reznicek
Educational Consultant
(402) 471-4917