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Question: How do I know if I have the correct degree and coursework?

Answer: The educational requirements for each credential are listed on each application, as well as in the Regulations: 172 NAC 94

Question: How do I know when you receive and process my application?

Answer: Use the License Lookup site for the status of your application. It will show pending until your license or certificate is issued. It typically takes 2-3 weeks from the date of our receipt until review of an individual application takes place. You'll be provided an update via email if provided on your application; otherwise by mail.

Question: How long are applications kept on file before they are destroyed?

Answer: Five years

Question: My experience was earned outside of Nebraska; is it acceptable for Nebraska?

Answer: Nebraska accepts experience earned as long as it meets Nebraska requirements. 172 NAC 94.

Question: What's the difference between the title I use and the credentials I hold?

Answer: You may use different titles, depending on what credential/s you hold. Please refer to the following link to our Statutes for clarification: Statutes Relating to Mental Health Practice

Question: When do I have to take a licensing examination and which one do I take?

Answer: You must have passed an acceptable licensing examination before you can be issued an LIMHP, LMHP or CMSW. See the Examination section of the Mental Health & Social Work web page for more information.

Question: Will my license be issued the same day the application is received?

Answer: Due to the high volume of applications received in our office each day, we cannot provide same day processing and issuance of licenses. Applications are processed in the order of receipt.

Conviction Reporting

Question: Am I required to report traffic convictions?

Answer: Yes, if the conviction was a misdemeanor or felony and you were sentenced or paid a ticket through traffic court. (Infractions are not required to be reported.) Some examples are: No valid registration, no driver's license on person, and driving under suspension.

Question: When do I need to report convictions?

Answer: If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction or credential discipline, you must report such actions to the Office of Investigations within 30 days of the conviction/action. Failure to disclose any such convictions/credential discipline could result in disciplinary action.


Question: Do I need to notify your office if I move or change addresses?

Answer: Any correspondence and renewal notices will be sent to the last known address. It is the responsibility of the licensee to keep the department informed of changes.

Question: How do I make my license inactive?

Answer: A licensee may ask for his/her license to be placed on inactive status at any time and at no cost by sending a written notice to the Department.

Question: What documents are needed to make a name change?

Answer: A photocopy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, annulment papers, adoption papers, or a court order verifying that a name change has occurred.


Question: Do I need to notify you when I change a supervisor?

Answer: No.

Question: Is continuing education needed for my Provisional?

Answer: No, CE is not needed.

​Question: What happens if I don't have a supervisor?

Answer: A supervisor is not required to obtain the provisional license. However, you must have a supervisor while earning experience to obtain a mental health practice license in Nebraska.


​Question: How do I renew my credential/s?

Answer: If your credential/s is active, we will automatically send a renewal notice to your address on file. You can verify your license status here: License Look-up. If you've moved and not received your notice, please contact us at (402) 471-4920 or

If your credential/s is not active, you must complete and forward a Reinstatement application. 

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