Health Clinic FAQs


What would you like to do?

What you need to know


Question: The Administrator/CEO changed at the facility. What do we need to do? 
Answer: Notify the Department in writing of that change within 5 days.

Question: We want to add an offsite/satellite location to our health clinic. How do we go about that? 

Answer: Notify the Department in writing of your request, including the name of the new location (as you want it listed on your license), zoning information for that location, a Certificate of Occupancy, a floor plan and the date you would prefer to start providing services at that location.  Keep in mind that you cannot start providing services at that location until this has been added to your license and you have been notified by the Department.
Question: We want to close our health clinic. What do we need to do? 

Answer: Notify the Department of the closure date. Please refer to the Health Clinic Licensure Regulations at 175 NAC 7-006.07A3 for more detailed information regarding the transfer of patient records and storing records in a confidential location. 


Question: We want to build on to our existing licensed facility. What do we need to do? 
Answer: You must notify the Department in writing prior to any new construction affecting patient care and treatment areas of the facility. Please refer to the Department website for facility construction.

Question: We would like to build a new health clinic/ambulatory surgical center/dialysis center in Nebraska. What are the construction requirements? 
Answer: Please refer to the Department's website for facility construction. Please keep in mind, you must have Department approval prior to the start of any new construction projects for licensed healthcare facilities.  


Question: For how long is my health clinic license effective?

Answer: Facility licenses are effective until the renewal date.  Health clinic licenses expire at the end of February every year.

Licensure, Certification & Accreditation

Question: Can the Department use a different mailing address other than the preferred address listed on our application? 

Answer: No, the Department must use the preferred address as listed on the application unless the facility has notified the Department in writing that another preferred mailing address should be used.

Question: How do we go about getting a license for our health clinic? 

Answer: Please contact the Department for an initial health clinic licensure packet.  Refer to the Health Clinic Licensure regulations for documents that you will need to submit. 

Question: We are moving to a new location. Do we need a new license? 

Answer: Licenses are not transferrable to either a new location, nor to a new owner.  Keep in mind that services cannot be provided at the new location until a new license has been obtained. Contact the Department to obtain a new license application.

Question: Who can sign the licensure application forms when the owner is a corporation? 

Answer: Only the corporate officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and/or Secretary) can sign the licensure application (a corporation's Board member/Board officer cannot sign as a corporate officer).   

Who Needs a Health Clinic License

Question: I am a physician; do I need a license for my own personal clinic? 

Answer: A health clinic does not include a healthcare practitioner facility (which is a residence, office or clinic of a practitioner or a group of practitioners who have a current Nebraska license under the Uniform Credentialing Act) unless that facility:

  • Is an ambulatory surgical center
  • Performs 10 or more abortions during any one calendar week
  • Provides hemodialysis services; or
  • Provides labor and delivery services.

Question: My facility is currently federally certified as a Rural Health Clinic; do we also need to have a health clinic license in the State of Nebraska? 

Answer: No, you are not required by the Health Facility Licensure Act to have a license as a health clinic; however, some Rural Health Clinics may choose to seek and obtain state licensure. 

Question: When do I need a license for a health clinic? 

Answer: You need a license for a health clinic if you provide advice, counseling, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, care or services related to the preservation or maintenance of health on an outpatient basis for a period of less than 24 consecutive hours to persons not residing or confined at that facility. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • An ambulatory surgical center
  • A public health clinic
  • A facility where 10 or more abortions are performed during any one calendar week
  • A facility providing hemodialysis (and not licensed as any other type of health care facility) or
  • A facility providing labor and delivery services (and not licensed as another type of health care facility).