Credentialing Review (407) Applied Behavior Analyst


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Technical Committee Meetings

​​Date & Time
​​Agendas & Minutes
​01/06/22 1:00
​Nebraska State Office Building Rm 5B or Webex
​​Agenda     Minutes​​
​02/10/22 1:00

​Nebraska State Office Building Rm 149 (HR Training Room, 5th Flr) or Webex
Agenda     Minutes​​
​06/29/22 9:30
​Nebraska State Office Building Rm 5M
or Webex
​​Agenda     Minutes​​
​08/12/22 9:00 Public Hearing
​Nebraska State Office Building Rm 5M or Webex
​​​Agenda     Minutes​​
10/05/22 1:00​
​Nebraska State Office Building Rm 5F or Webex
​​Agenda     Minutes​​

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If you will be submitting documents for posting on the web page for an active Credential Review, please e-mail original documents only; do not send scanned versions of documents. Scanned documents are large files and cannot be opened by everyone.


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