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National Examination:

In Nebraska, applicants for an initial license are required to take the NIC written examination. There is NO hands-on practical exam.

PSI administers the computer-based examination at sites in Nebraska and at other locations throughout the United States.

To apply for the examination, you MUST submit a complete license application.

When the Department accepts your application, we will e-mail you the authorization letter to take the examination and provide the PSI phone number and web site address to register.  NOTE:  Nebraska requires the test to be administered in English.

For additional information, download a Candidate Information Bulletin regarding payment procedures, scheduling process, cancellation policy, examination locations, etc. at

Results:  You will be given same-day results; however, the testing company will send an official score report to the Department. Within 5-10 days from receipt of the official score report, the Department will notify applicants of licensure or denial.

Re-Testing:  Applicants who are not successful in passing the examination may retake the exam using their authorization letter. The applicant is required to pay the examination fee for the computer-based examination each time the test is taken.


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