Community Pharmacy Application Requirements and Fees


What would you like to do?

What you need to know

Anyone intending to start, operate, or maintain a pharmacy in Nebraska must first have a pharmacy license. 

To get a pharmacy license:

  • Submit the application to us. See regulation 175 NAC 8 when filling out the form. The inspection will be based on the information you supply relating to these regs. 
  • Pay the $625 fee. Please make checks out to the DHHS Licensure Unit.

Once we receive your application:

  • A pharmacy inspector will review your application.
  • You will be notified if there is anything deficient in your application.
  • When your application is complete, you will receive a provisional pharmacy license. It will be issued up to 5 weeks before your opening date. If that date changes, you MUST contact us.
  • The inspector will contact you within 60 days to set up a time for the initial on-site inspection.

To prepare for the inspection, please use the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Report (PQAR/self-inspection). All items, 1-34, will be checked during the initial inspection. DO NOT send the PQAR to us.

Once the inspection is passed:

  • The permanent Community Pharmacy License is issued.
  • The new license will have a different number than your provisional license number.
  • You will need to let insurance carriers know the new license number.
  • A new DEA registration is NOT required by this license number change.

Please get the Application for Registration for Federal Controlled Substances from the Federal DEA Office. Visit their website or call (888) 803-1179. Nebraska does not require a state controlled substances registration. Only the federal registration is required.

If the pharmacy dispenses controlled substances:

  • Mail or e-mail an opening controlled substances inventory to us before the initial on-site inspection. The e-mail address is
  • Do NOT fax this inventory.
  • Your inventory will be logged and forwarded to your pharmacy inspector.
  • Please note of the date you send the inventory to us. This date will become the due date of next year's ANNUAL controlled substances inventory.