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The information on this page is for physicians and psychologists.

Practical Training Supervisor - 300 hours of practical training (internship/practicum)

Clinical Work Experience Supervisor - 6,000 hours

The practical training or clinical work experience supervisor may be a physician or psychologist licensed under the Uniform Credentialing Act, or an equivalent credential from another jurisdiction (if the hours were earned in another state), and sufficient training as determined by the Board of Medicine and Surgery for physicians or the Board of Psychologists for psychologists, in consultation with the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counseling.

Physicians - sufficient training includes:

  • Holding an American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology subspecialty certification in addiction psychiatry; or
  • Holding an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) certification; or
  • Having significant work in substance abuse treatment, which includes three years with at least 20 percent of time working in the substance abuse treatment field. These physicians must maintain competency by demonstrating that at least 20 percent of their continuing medical education (CME) is focused on substance abuse issues.

In addition, these physician supervisors must incorporate knowledge of the 12 core functions and 46 global criteria of substance abuse counseling into the supervisory experience.

Psychologists - sufficient training includes at least three hours of training on the 12 core functions and 46 global criteria pre-approved by the Board of Psychologists.

  • A primary supervisor who is a psychologist must also hold an active license. His or her license must not have been disciplined, limited, suspended, or placed on probation at any time. If any of these actions are taken by the Department during the supervisory period, the supervisor must terminate the supervision immediately and notify the Department of said action.
  • Only supervise, at one time, up to four individuals holding either a provisional psychology license, a provisional mental health practitioner license, or a provisional alcohol and drug counselor license.

Approved Trainers:  Please contact the Department at (402) 471-4970 to get a list of the current trainers.

See the regulations (172 NAC 15) for additional requirements for supervision for both Practical Training supervision and for Clinical Work Experience supervision.


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