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Women's Health Initiatives (WHI) monitors the status of women's health in Nebraska and serves as a clearinghouse for women's health information, including maternal and child health, breast and cervical cancers, heart disease, chronic disease, behavioral health, substance abuse, intimate partner violence and health disparities. Additionally, the Women's Health Advisory Council (WHAC) was created for the purpose of advising and serving as a resource for WHI.

WHI was established in 2000 by the Nebraska Legislature to improve the health of women in Nebraska by fostering the development of a comprehensive system of coordinated policy analysis, strategic planning, education and technical assistance. SOURCE: Nebraska Revised Statues §71-701 through §71-707.

Women's Health Initiatives
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
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(402) 471-0158
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(877) 257-0073
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P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5026