Title 390 Child Welfare and Juvenile Services

Statutes & Regs

What would you like to do?

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

Chapter 1        Amended 6/5/2018
Overview of Child Welfare Services

Chapter 2        Repealed 5/12/2021 

Chapter 3        Repealed 5/12/2021 

Chapter 4        Repealed 5/12/2021 
Initial Assessment Phase

Chapter 5        Repealed 5/12/2021 
Ongoing Services Phase

Chapter 6        Repealed 5/12/2021 
Permanency for Children

Chapter 7        Repealed 5/12/2021 
Out-Of-Home Placement

Chapter 8        Repealed 5/12/2021 
Court and Legal Issues

Chapter 9        Repealed 5/12/2021 
Interstate Compact on Placement of Children (ICPC)

Chapter 10
Educational Funds for Wards Program

Chapter 11       Repealed 5/12/2021 
Guidelines for Specific Issues for the Children in the Custody of the Department

Chapter 12       Repealed 5/12/2021 
County Juvenile Services Aid Program


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