Governor Pillen Announces Change to Bolster Medicaid Coverage for Nebraska’s Mothers and Children

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For Immediate Release: 9/27/2023

Collin Spilinek, Office of Communications, 531-739-7920,

Lincoln – Today, Governor Jim Pillen announced the extension of Nebraska Medicaid postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months beginning January 1, 2024. This announcement comes as Nebraska continues to strengthen its commitment to the health and well-being of mothers and children across the state. A video of the announcement can be viewed here.  

In June, Nebraska took a significant step in supporting Nebraska's mothers and children when Governor Pillen signed LB227 into law, which mandated the extension of Medicaid's postpartum coverage from 60 days to a minimum of six months. The 12-month extension signifies Nebraska's dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare and support to mothers during a critical period in their lives.

Nebraska Medicaid covers approximately 35% of all births across the state and plays a vital role in ensuring access to essential healthcare services for mothers and their infants. Lack of access to care and financial resources are some of the most significant contributing factors to maternal mortality.

“This decision ensures that nearly 5,000 mothers across our state will maintain access to a comprehensive range of behavioral and physical health services," said Gov. Pillen. “Our children are the future of this state, and we are dedicated to providing the strongest possible support system to help them thrive. I am confident that this extension will provide Nebraska mothers with the resources they need to nurture and raise their children."

This extension aims to reduce barriers that many mothers face when seeking healthcare services after childbirth and is expected to improve health outcomes and reduce maternal mortality rates.

“Today's announcement marks a pivotal moment in Nebraska's journey toward improving maternal and child health," said Kevin Bagley, Director of the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care. “By extending postpartum Medicaid coverage to twelve months, we are taking a giant leap forward in ensuring that mothers have access to the care and support they need during a crucial period in their lives."

Nebraska Medicaid is proactively engaging in conversations with advocates, members, providers, and stakeholders across the state to ensure the smooth implementation of this transformative change and to ensure that it addresses the diverse needs of all mothers throughout Nebraska.

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