Free Person-Centered Planning for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

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For Immediate Release: 9/7/2021

Jeff Powell, (402) 471-6223,

Lincoln, Neb. – The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is offering a series of free online introductory person-centered trainings for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), and the aging and disabled population. The trainings are made possible by a grant provided by the Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities. (NCDD)

Person-centered planning (PCP) is a process used to help individuals with IDD and the aging and disabled population plan for their future. PCP focuses on the individual and their vision of what they would like to do and identifies opportunities to develop personal relationships, participate in their community, increase control over their lives, and develop the skills and abilities needed to achieve those goals. This is the second year that trainings have been offered and over 1,300 people participated last year.

“Person-centered planning is really ensuring that the plan is developed with the person, for the person, and by the person. It is a different way of thinking of how we create services and support for those in need based on what they want, not simply on what the system has to offer," said Developmental Disabilities Division Director Tony Green.

“The Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities is thrilled to support a second year of the Person-Centered Planning trainings. Implementing Person-Centered Planning results in waiver recipients setting their own positive vision for their future to achieve greater individual choice, community inclusion, and independence to support a meaningful life. To succeed in making these much needed long-term changes in services, PCP will require engagement from all of us," said Kristen Larsen, Executive Director of NCDD.

Nebraskans can register online for four free training sessions:

  • Week 1: September 9th: Intro to Person-Centered Planning (10am-12pm CT)
  • Week 2: September 16th: Building a Lasting Support Circle (10am-12pm CT)
  • Week 3: September 23rd: Employment and Volunteering (10am-12pm CT)
  • Week 4: September 30th: Reaching Your Dreams and Vision (10am-12pm CT)

The introductory trainings are a great resource for parents to have greater involvement in their children's future, aging parents concerned about their loved ones after they are gone, and for individuals who are interested in achieving their personal dreams and vision. 

The training sessions will be highly interactive with break-out groups for more individualized conversations and training. Individuals who participate in the trainings will be able to build relationships with others over the four weeks of training. Participants who attend all four sessions will receive a certificate of achievement.

To register for the trainings, please click here. For more information regarding person-centered planning please visit the DHHS website


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