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What would you like to do?

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

How are we doing? Measuring progress on a performance dashboard 

Built on the concepts of the Results Based Accountability™, our Performance Dashboard is made up of scorecards that display desired results or outcomes, activities or strategies, population indicators and performance measures.  

  • Population Indicators (such as rate of death from cancer among adults) are measures for which state and local health departments as well as community partners share responsibility for making change. These data represent the state of well-being for Nebraskans. While relevant for describing the health of the population, these may be less relevant to describing the public health system.
  • Performance Measures (such as rates of early screening for cancer among adults) are measures for which our programs are responsible for the performance of interventions. These are the strategies that over time, are expected to improve the health and well-being of the population. Performance Measures may also merely be designated target values that we've established for immediate, intermediate or long term goals for population health. 

The State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is a blueprint for improving the public health system (indirect impact) as well as improving specific health outcomes related to heart disease, stroke, cancer and associated risk factors (direct impact). Five priority areas include strategies and activities designed to result in positive outcomes for the system and ultimately population health. 

Nebraska 2017-2021 State Health Improvement Plan


SHIP (State Health Improvement Plan) focus area dashboards  

SHIP Population Health and Public Health System Indicators

Priority 1 & 2: Nebraskans will have reduced heart disease, stroke and cancer, mortality, morbidity and associated risk factors.

Priority 3: The Nebraska public health system has expanded health promotion capacity to deliver public health prevention programs and services across the lifespan. 

Priority 4: Nebraska has improved integration among public health, behavioral health and healthcare services.

Priority 5: The Nebraska public health system has expanded capacity to collect, analyze and report health data.

Healthy People 2020 focus area d​ashboards

The Nebraska Healthy People 2020 presents a comprehensive review of the state of health and well-being for Nebraskans within 24 focus areas, and includes current data as well as goals for 2020. While these target values represent our desired population health levels to achieve, the Healthy People 2020 is not an action plan that identifies specific strategies towards each focus area. Nonetheless, the performance of activities statewide by the state and local health departments and community partners is anticipated to improve population health in these areas.


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