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​​​​Our Mission: Helping people live better lives.

The Department of Health and Human Services team contributes to the lives and health of Nebraskans every day. Our mission, “Helping people live better lives," provides the motivation to make a difference.

Some DHHS programs impact all Nebraskans; for example, we educate and protect people through public health activities like ensuring clean and safe drinking water and we license and certify all health care professionals. We also touch our state's most vulnerable citizens. Our services assist the elderly, low income and those with disabilities; we provide safety to abused and/or neglected children and vulnerable adults; and thousands of Nebraskans rely on the services of our seven 24-hour facilities.

Business Plan

The DHHS Business Plan FY 2022 details priority initiatives for July 2021 - June 2022.

It defines goals, identifies deliverables, and measures progress.

It also demonstrates a high level of transparency and accountability in our work to help people live better lives, with a commitment to make a more effective, efficient, and customer-focused state government.