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What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

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    Information for All Providers

    General Guides and Information

    DD Provider Handbook - An overview for DD providers, including serving participants, what is expected and how to bill for services. En Español aquí.

    DD Provider ISP Guide - What to expect and how to prepare for a participant's meeting.   

    DD Provider Resources - Brochure outlining resources. Resources include this website, organizations that compile provider lists, and training opportunities.

    DD Service Directory - Full service descriptions including definitions, limits, frequency, duration, provider types and provider qualifications for DD services under the submitted HCBS Waivers. En Español aquí.

    Electronic Visit Verification - The Federal 21st Century Cures Act contains a Medicaid requirement for mandatory use of Electronic Visit Verification (EEV). EVV allows in-home care providers to check-in and check-out electronically. DHHS welcomes comments from providers to make sure the EVV solution is successful. You can subscribe to the linked page for updates.

    Habilitation Plan Overview - Step-by-step guide to write habilitation programs. This is a companion to habilitation training.

    Employment Information

    Employment Plan - For the provider to fill out when a participant is on the wait list for Nebraska VR services.

    FAQs: Developmental Disabilities and Vocational Rehabilitation - Answers questions about the services provided by DD and VR.

    Functional Behavioral Assessments

    Functional Behavioral Assessments & Behavior Support Plans - Flow chart on the process to help participants with target behaviors.

    Functional Behavioral Assessment Template - Expectations that may be shared with a clinician completing a FBA for a participant. This meets the requirements as listed on the Behavioral Health Service Definitions for Heritage Health.

    Appendix K

    Provider Fact Sheet - Information for providers affected by flooding.

    Billing Form - Form for provider to bill services under Appendix K.

    Regulation and Waiver Page - Letters from CMS and approved Appendix K documents.


    Notification of Death Form - Due within 10 days of the death of someone you served. For instructions, see Notification of Death Directions.

    Request for Fair Hearing - You may file an appeal if you do not agree with a determination made by DHHS-DD regarding provider enrollment or payment.

    Rate Reform

    We are working to assess and improve Nebraska's current Medicaid Waiver rate structure to ensure appropriate reimbursement for developmental disabilities services. Information can be found on our rate reform page. This page is updated as the process continues, so you, our stakeholders, can have the most recent information.

    State Transition Plan (STP) Assessment

    When a provider opens a new residential setting, a STP Residential Self-Assessment should be completed by the provider. Residential settings include group homes, host homes, and shared living (previously called extended family homes).

    When a provider opens a new day services setting, an email should be sent to DHHS-DD Provider Relations at to arrange for a STP Non-Residential Assessment. Day service settings include workshops, hubs, enclaves, and other locations where day services occur.

    For all information about the state's plan for home and community-based services, visit the State Transition Plan page.


    The state of Nebraska uses Therap for many things, including incident reporting, billing, referrals and secure communication.