Beatrice State Developmental Center

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3000 Lincoln Boulevard. Beatrice, NE 68310

Phone: (402) 223-6600

BSDC is an intermediate care facility for developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) that provides residential, vocational and recreational services.  

Bear Creek Gifts

Bear Creek Gifts is named for the creek running along the east side of the BSDC campus. Bear Creek Gifts is a member of the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce as part of BSDC's membership.

Residents at BSDC use artistic skills to produce quality, marketable products. People are paid an hourly wage to create projects or work on specific steps in a project.

Bear Creek Gifts artisans continue to learn new techniques and offer an expanded variety merchandise.


Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Closed on state holidays.


Artwork, ceramics, custom doormats, balloons, slumped wine bottles, Nebraska-themed products.

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Internship Opportunities

Nebraska Internship Consortium of Professional Psychology (NICPP):

A doctoral psychology internship is the last year of training for a graduate student getting a doctorate in clinical, counseling or school psychology. To be eligible to intern at a site in the consortium, an applicant must come from an APA-accredited school, be on track to finish all classes by the next spring semester and have passed all comprehensive exams through school. While interning, a person is still enrolled in school. 

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Training Director

Tessa Svoboda, Psy.D.  Phone: (402) 239-2947  Email: