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What you need to know

Welcome prospective provider! If you want to be a provider, the first thing you need to decide is which type. Once you have decided, this page will help you through the process.

There are two types of developmental disabilities service providers:

  • Agency - start your own business to provide services to participants
  • Independent - provide services to a family member, friend or neighbor

For more information on provider types and the services they can offer see our one page Providers of Waiver Services document. 

Agency Provider - I would like to start an agency to offer services

Agency providers are responsible for all administrative aspects related to the oversight of services, such as hiring, firing, scheduling, training and paying wages. Agency providers must be approved by the state, sign an agreement with the Division and meet specific regulations.

The process of becoming an agency provider can be intimidating. You are starting a business. You must have all the elements and skills as any successful business: organization, experience and education.

To become an agency provider, follow these steps:

  1. Attend Prospective Provider Orientation. Email us to register
  2. Electronically submit a letter of intent, application form, and policies and procedure worksheet
    • The letter must include:
      • The type of service(s) you propose to provide
      • The location(s) where you will provide the service(s)
    • Application - must be completed and signed
    • Policies & Procedure Worksheet - must be complete and explain how you will comply with regulations
  3. Become a Medicaid Provider
  4. As a provider, you may join the Nebraska Association of Service Providers (NASP) for community, guidance, and advocacy

You may find it helpful to refer to:

Independent Provider - I would like to provide services to someone I know

Independent providers are important for participants who want to direct the services they receive. Services provided by independent providers may be more flexible. 

To become an independent provider, follow these steps:

  1. Find a participant who wants you to provide a Medicaid service
  2. Contact the participant's service coordinator to start the process of becoming an independent provider
  3. Become a Medicaid Provider
  4. Access Independent Provider Page for billing information, training and other resources

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